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Dinah Maria Craik
Dinah Maria Craik
Dinah Maria Craik
20 April 1826 — 12 October 1887

WHEN green leaves come again, my love,
When green leaves come again,—
Why put on such a cloudy face,
When green leaves come again?

‘Ah, this spring will be like the last,
Of promise false and vain;
And summer die in winter’s arms
Ere green leaves come again.

‘So slip the seasons—and our lives;
’T is idle to complain:
But yet I sigh, I scarce know why,
When green leaves come again.’

Nay, lift up thankful eyes, my sweet!
Count equal, lost and gain:
Because, as long as the world lasts,
Green leaves will come again.

For, sure as earth lives under snows,
And Love lives under pain,
‘T is good to sing with everything,
’When green leaves come again.’

Edgar Albert Guest
Edgar Albert Guest
Edgar Albert Guest
20 August 1881 — 5 August 1959

When mother sleeps

When mother sleeps, a slamming door
Disturbs her not at all;
A man might walk across the floor
Or wander through the hall
A pistol shot outside would not
Drive slumber from her eyes—
But she is always on the spot
The moment baby cries.

The thunder crash she would not hear,
Nor shouting in the street;
A barking dog, however near,
Of sleep can never cheat
Dear mother, but I’ve noticed this
To my profound surprise:
That always wide-awake she is
The moment baby cries.

However weary she may be,
Though wrapped in slumber deep,
Somehow it always seems to me
Her vigil she will keep.
Sound sleeper that she is, I take
It in her heart there lies
A love that causes her to wake
The moment baby cries.

Jones Very
Jones Very
Jones Very
August 28, 1813 — May 8, 1880


I thank thee, Father, that the night is near
When I this conscious being may resign;
Whose only task thy words of love to hear,
And in thy acts to find each act of mine;
A task too great to give a child like me,
The myriad-handed labors of the day,
Too many for my closing eyes to see,
Thy words too frequent for my tongue to say;
Yet when thou see’st me burthened by thy love,
Each other gift more lovely then appears,
For dark-robed night comes hovering from above,
And all thine other gifts to me endears;
And while within her darkened couch I sleep,
Thine eyes untired above will constant vigils keep.

Dear Friends!

The recording of the second album continues. Five tracks have been recorded. You can listen to one of the songs via a private link!

3 September 2021

Dear Friends!

We are pleased to announce that our band has recorded a new album called «Entrance A» this July!

It was a great and new experience for all of us to work together while being isolated during the period of global pandemic.

We were able to make our long-time dream come true by recording songs using poems written by talented poets of the last centuries. We are forever grateful to modern technology allowing us to connect via the internet.

The album is currently under review. We truly hope that it will soon be available to our listeners’ enjoyment!

21 July 2021

Auld lang syne