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Paul Ekholm

Paul Ekholm



Acoustic guitar
Electric guitare
Back vocal
Mouse harmonica

The concept came up during the pandemic and isolation period, when Dmitry Dyatchkov, a longtime friend of mine let me listen to a tune he had just written to a Robert Burns’ piece of poetry. Thus the first dong of the album came into existence. Then, other compositions began to emerge one by one. Our creative team was parted by space and time but it was a challenging experience – great guys scattered by life across various countries and continents were jointly working on music material.
As fate would have it, a beautiful musician Dmitry Stukalov, who played bass on some compositions, passed away in course of the recording sessions. We have dedicated the song titled “If this be love” to his blessed memory!
Song «Green Leaves” is dedicated to my wife Irina. She loved green leaves very much!