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Dinah Maria Craik
Dinah Maria Craik
20 April 1826 — 12 October 1887

WHEN green leaves come again, my love,
When green leaves come again,—
Why put on such a cloudy face,
When green leaves come again?

‘Ah, this spring will be like the last,
Of promise false and vain;
And summer die in winter’s arms
Ere green leaves come again.

‘So slip the seasons—and our lives;
’T is idle to complain:
But yet I sigh, I scarce know why,
When green leaves come again.’

Nay, lift up thankful eyes, my sweet!
Count equal, lost and gain:
Because, as long as the world lasts,
Green leaves will come again.

For, sure as earth lives under snows,
And Love lives under pain,
‘T is good to sing with everything,
’When green leaves come again.’